Digital Schomburg Images of 19th Century African Americans
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  1. Anti-Slavery Meeting on the Boston Common.

  2. A Slave Auction in Virginia.

  3. Annual Sale and Hiring of Slaves at Montgomery, Alabama.

  4. Ellen Craft, fugitive slave.

  5. Morning Mustering of the 'Contraband' at Fortress Monroe, on their way to their Day's Work, Under the Pay and Direction of the U.S.

  6. Slaves fleeing by boat under the light of a full moon.

  7. Slaves escaping by coach, on horseback and on foot.

  8. Group (fugitive slaves?) in lean-to on river bank, illuminated by firelight.

  9. Enslaved Africans on the deck of the bark Wildfire, Key West, April 30, 1860.

  10. Resurrection of henry Box Brown.

  11. Buildings used in the slave trade by Price, Birch & Co., in Alexandria, Virginia.

  12. A slave -pen at New Orleans, before the auction, sketched before the war.

  13. Soldier outside doors to slave pen, men visible behind bars.

  14. Left: Gordon as he entered our lines; center: Gordon under medical inspection; right: Gordon in his uniform as a U.S. soldier.

  15. Adjutant-General Thomas Addressing African Americans in Louisiana on the duties of freedom.

  16. African Americans (fugitive slaves?) fording the Rappahannock River fleeing Jackson's army, as soldiers look on.

  17. Escaping slaves, men and women, battling slave catchers.

  18. Emancipated Slaves, White and Colored. Back row (adults) left to right: Wilson Chinn, Mary Johnson, Robert Whitehead. Front left to right: Charles Taylor, Augusta Broujey, Isaac White, Krebecca Huger, Rosina Downs.

  19. Escaping Union Officers Succored By Slaves.

  20. View of Darlington Court House and the Sycamore-Tree Where Amy Spain, a slave, was Hung by The Citizens of Darlington, South Carolina.

  21. 1860 census of Louisiana by parish, showing racial make-up of population.

  22. Fugitive slaves fording the Rappahannock River during Pope's retreat.

  23. Escaped adult male slave hiding out in woods, huddling next to fire.

  24. Street scene showing the execution of Gordon, the slave-trader.

  25. The Modern Medea-The Story of Margaret Garner.

  26. Adult male slave escaping through woods, slavecatchers in pursuit.

  27. William Still, Secretary of the Vigilance Committee of the Underground Railroad.

  28. Escaped slaves arriving at League Island from Norfolk, Virginia

  29. Pictures of the South - African-American Quarters on Jefferson Davis's Plantation.

  30. The Effects of The Proclamation - Freed African Americans Coming into Our Lines at Newbern, North Carolina.

  31. Dealers Inspecting an African American at a Slave Auction in Virginia.

  32. [Top:] The escaped slave. [Bottom:] The escaped slave in the Union Army.

  33. Postcard of Dr. Thomas L. Johnson, author of 'twenty-eight years a Slave, pictured holding a whip and shackles.

  34. Freed slaves in camp, Richmond, Virginia.

  35. Slave pen adjoining Price, Birch & Co., Dealers in slaves, Alexandria, Va.

  36. The Market House of St. Augustine, Florida, formerly used as slave market.

  37. Three-quarter length portrait of Sojourner Truth.

  38. Propaganda portrait of Rebecca, A Slave Girl from New Orleans, seated, and gazing at the United States flag.

  39. Propaganda portrait of Rebecca, An Emancipated Slave from New Orleans, kneeling in prayer.

  40. Emancipation, a propaganda drawing depicting a female figure holding a scroll, surrounded by a male and a female slave, wrapped in the United States flag.

  41. Propaganda portrait of Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence, a Redeemed Slave child, 5 years of age.

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