Digital Schomburg Images of 19th Century African Americans
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  1. Large gathering, probably Freedman's Bureau, Beaufort, South Carolina.

  2. Top: Children playing outside primary school; Bottom: all ages in class at primary school for Freedmen.

  3. Philadelphia, Pa. - The Centennial Exposition - The Statue of 'The Freed Slave' in Memorial Hall.

  4. Left: Freedmen's Schoolhouse at Atlanta, Georgia; Right: Freedmen's Farm School, near Washington, D. C.

  5. Virginia. - Characteristic Scenes at the South - African-American Voting in Richmond.

  6. Classroom of Zion School for Colored Children, Charleston, South Carolina.

  7. St. Philip's Church, Richmond, Virginia -- School for African-American children.

  8. West Point, New York. - Court Martial of James W. Smith, the African-American Cadet - Smith Reading His Defense, January 12th.

  9. Marriage of an African-American soldier at Vicksburg by Chaplain Warren of the Freedmen's Bureau.

  10. Freed slaves digging a canal by hand.

  11. Adjutant-General Thomas Addressing African Americans in Louisiana on the duties of freedom.

  12. The Freedmen's Village, Hampton,Virginia.

  13. Students and faculty in front of the Stanton Insititute School for Colored Children, in Jacksonville, Florida.

  14. Outside of the Galleries of the House of Representatives During the Passage of The Civil Rights Bill.

  15. Fires at Petersburg, Virginia-Ruins of the Colored Baptist Church on Harrison Street.

  16. Top: Scenes in Memphis, Tennessee, During the Riot-Burning a Freedmen's School-House. Bottom: Scenes in Memphis, Tennessee, During the Riot-Shooting Down African Americans on the Morning of May 2, 1866.

  17. Office of the Freedmen's Bureau, Memphis, Tennessee.

  18. Trent River Settlement: [Illus.A: Opposite Newbern, North Carolina]. B: [School-house and Chapel]. C: [Huts.] D:[Generals Steedman and Fullerton Conferring with the Freedmen in their Church.]

  19. Marks of Punishment Inflicted upon a Servant in Richmond, Virginia.

  20. The Abraham Lincoln School for Freedmen, New Orleans, Louisiana.

  21. [Top:] The New Orleans riot-The military commission examining witnesses. [Bottom:] The New Orleans riot-Care of the wounded at the marine hospital.

  22. Emigrants seeking homes in the North.

  23. Whipping a girl in North Carolina by 'unconstructed' Johnsonians.

  24. Voter registration, scene at Asheville, North Carolina.

  25. 'The First Vote'.

  26. Electioneering in the South.

  27. Two members of the Ku-Klux Klan in disguise.

  28. The Louisiana Murders-gathering the dead and wounded.

  29. An African American in Stocks - A Scene in Apalachicola, Florida.

  30. Celebration of The Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia by the African-American People, in Washington, April 19, 1866.

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