Digital Schomburg Images of 19th Century African Americans
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Portraits - Men
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  1. Virginia. - Characteristic Scenes at the South - African-American Voting in Richmond.

  2. Frederick Douglass.

  3. John H. Rock.

  4. Frederick Douglass.

  5. The Honorable John R. Lynch, Congressman from Mississippi.

  6. Studio portrait of [Patrick Reason].

  7. Studio portrait of Colonel McKee, whose grandson passed for white.

  8. Group of men standing among carts under a tree.

  9. Rev. H. M. Turner, Chaplain First United States Colored Regiment.

  10. Booker T. Washington.

  11. The Reverend Absalom Jones, Rector of St. Thomas's African Episcopal Church in the City of Philadelphia.

  12. Postcard of Frederick Douglass.

  13. Portrait of L.L. Burwell, M.D., Selma Alabama.

  14. Studio portrait of John C. Napier

  15. Studio portrait of a man.

  16. Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar.

  17. Studio protrait of Albert Contrell

  18. Two portraits of Harry A. Williamson as a child.

  19. Studio portrait of an African- American Priest.

  20. Dr. Robert Russa Moton, Principal of Tuskegee Institute.

  21. Studio portrait of George Parker, editor 'The Freeman,' later the 'N.Y. Age.'

  22. Studio protrait of Albert Dogan.

  23. Portraits of James Lyons Kingsland and Abraham Leon Kingsland, 1900.

  24. Studio portrait of Rev. H.B. Delaney, Vice Principal of St. Augustine's Collegiate Institute, Raleigh, North Carolina.

  25. Ebenezer D. Bassett, minister to Haiti.

  26. Octavius V. Catto (d.1871)

  27. Portrait of an elderly unidentified former slave.

  28. Studio portrait of a man dressed in jacket, vest, tie and striped pants.

  29. Studio protrait of unidentified man dated July 3, 1868.

  30. Lithograph of Rev. Deaton Dorrell of the A.M.E. church, New Bedford, Mass.

  31. Studio portrait of Harmon Vann, 104 years old.

  32. Studio protrait of unidentified man, standing, wearing long coat.

  33. Percy Freeman, in uniform, holding a piccolo.

  34. Half-figure portrait of unidentified young man in striped tie.

  35. Dapper man, coat draped over his arm, and cane in hand.

  36. Studio portrait of H. L. Esterlin.

  37. Studio portrait of a young man (Albert Owens).

  38. Chester, U.S. minister to Liberia

  39. Postcard of unidentified young man, sitting in cane chair, arms crossed over chair.

  40. Studio portrait of a man.

  41. Studio portrait of John H. [Smith]

  42. Studio portrait of man in formal attire.

  43. Studio portrait of Julius Steegal.

  44. Studio portrait of man dressed in suit and coat, holding bowler hat.

  45. Studio portrait of unidentified man wearing double-breasted jacket.

  46. Group of African-American workers.

  47. Unidentified relative or friend of the Smith-Shivery family.

  48. Studio portrait of man with top hat and cane.

  49. Studio portrait of Reverend B. G. Sayers pointing to an open page in Bible.

  50. Full length portrait of man with bowler hat and cane.

  51. Oval half-figure portrait of unidentified man.

  52. John King, chimney sweep, shown with gear while singing out his call.

  53. Full length portrait of unidentified man.

  54. Clarence White with violin.

  55. Postcard of William Bander, in costume, mailed to Miss Ida B. Gross in Boston, Mass.

  56. Portrait of a Newark Fire Department telegraph operator.

  57. Studio portrait of P. D. Palmer dressed in a United States Navy uniform.

  58. Studio portrait of John Gassett

  59. Robert Douglass, dyeing and cleaning business, Washington, D.C.

  60. John Smith, Minister to Liberia.

  61. Full length portrait of Bishop Crowther in his vestments.

  62. Statue of Frederick Douglass.

  63. Studio portrait of Bishop S. A. Payne.

  64. Three-quarter length portrait of man standing with hands in pockets.

  65. Studio portrait of Jim Patterson.

  66. Joseph George Hannibal, posed in cap and boots, carrying a basket.

  67. Studio portrait of man, hand on waist.

  68. Studio portrait of a young man.

  69. An elderly travelling minstrel, holding banjo and cane.

  70. Dr. Davis, who was educated in Aberdeen, Scotland.

  71. Rev. Jeremiah Gloucester, Pastor of the Second African Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia.

  72. Studio portrait of man holding box labelled 'Confectionery.'

  73. Studio portrait of a young man wearing tie and stick pin.

  74. Studio portrait of unidentifed young man, seated on prop hay bale.

  75. Studio portrait of Walter Coles, 1st Secretary of New York Colored YMCA.

  76. Half-figure portrait of man wearing bow tie.

  77. Uniformed man seated, on the mantlepiece is his cap, embroidered with the name Miller Edison Phonograph Co.

  78. Studio portrait of unidentified seated young man, holding cap.

  79. Full-length studio portrait of unidentified man.

  80. Studio portrait of unidentified young man.

  81. Studio portrait of unidentified seated young man, his left arm resting on chair..

  82. Full-length portrait of man, with studio props.

  83. Studio portrait of unidentified man with long sideburns and wavy hair.

  84. Profile portrait of unidentifed man.

  85. Dr. Crumwell.

  86. Three-quarter length portrait of unidentifed man.

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