Digital Schomburg Images of 19th Century African Americans
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Cultural Expression
(30 Images)
  1. Philadelphia, Pa. - The Centennial Exposition - The Statue of 'The Freed Slave' in Memorial Hall.

  2. Snapshots of Jessie Pinkston jumping, athletes running at the San Francisco World's Fair, and track and field prize ribbons.

  3. Portrait of J. Leubrie Hill and his famous Dark Town Follies of 1914 and 1915.

  4. Engraving of Elizabeth Taylor Greenfield from an unidentified publication.

  5. The Musical Spillers, a music ensemble of brass players.

  6. Studio portrait of the nine-member University Singers of New Orleans.

  7. Snapshots of George L. Brashear and others making an automobile trip to the San Francisco World's Fair.

  8. Young woman, probably a dancer, dressed in highly decorated tunic costume.

  9. Book illustration of T. Thomas Fortune, editor and publisher of 'The New York Freeman.'

  10. Engraving of Lewis Hayden from an unidentified publication.

  11. Young African Americans singing and playing their instruments.

  12. Poet Paul Laurence Dunbar.

  13. Snapshots of George L Brashear, Andrew Webb and others during a 1920 tour of Texas, probably by the Keystone Jazzers.

  14. Postcard of costumed performers posing on Young's Pier, Atlantic City, N.J.

  15. Sunday amusements in New Orleans-A Creole night at the French Opera House.

  16. Studio portrait of George Parker, editor 'The Freeman,' later the 'N.Y. Age.'

  17. Album page of snapshots of George L. Brashear, Addie B[rashear], and others.

  18. Percy Freeman, in uniform, holding a piccolo.

  19. Picture postcard of the Original Canadian Jubilee Singers.

  20. Postcard of Kathlyn Jones, wearing elaborate jewelry and costume.

  21. Clarence White with violin.

  22. Postcard of William Bander, in costume, mailed to Miss Ida B. Gross in Boston, Mass.

  23. P. G. Lowery's Band & Minstrels, part of the Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus.

  24. Conductor Clarence Cameron White and the Victorian Concert Orchestra, Boston, Mass.

  25. Studio portrait of Charlotte L. Forten Grimke, pioneer teacher and poet.

  26. African-American troops from the First Group, 165th Depot Brigade, at the movies, with their own musicians & performers.

  27. Studio portrait of Knoxville (Tenn.) College Glee Club.

  28. An elderly travelling minstrel, holding banjo and cane.

  29. Studio portrait of ['Canzonetta'].

  30. Studio portrait of sculptor Edmonia Lewis.

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