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The Browse search provides alphabetical lists of titles, names and subjects. The Browse search gives direct access to exact titles of images or sources, names of creators and authors, and specific subjects covered by the Picture Collection Online.

  1. Folder Titles - the original subject classification scheme used by the Picture Collection and taken from the labels attached to the folders, which house the images at the library. Browse the folder titles to see the major subjects available on the Picture Collection Online.
  2. Image Titles - caption titles or other text printed with the illustration, or text written on the mount or image of the illustration. In some cases, descriptive titles were supplied for the image.
  3. Names - a list of creators of images, including artists, photographers, engravers, photography studios, etc. Personal and corporate names associated with images and used as subjects are also found here (e.g., Barnum's American Museum).
  4. Subjects - a list of controlled subject headings assigned to individual images and to folders of collected images. The list includes topical terms from the Thesaurus of Graphic Materials (TGM) and also topical terms and personal and corporate names from Library of Congress when not included in TGM.
  5. Source Authors - names of creators, both personal and corporate, responsible for the source in which the image was originally published. The list also contains names of donors, who have given collections of images to the Picture Collection.
  6. Source Titles - titles of source materials in which the image was originally published or titles supplied for a donation of images.