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Enter keywords in the text box. Choose from three drop-down menus to limit the search for keywords to all fields or specific fields; all keywords or any of the keywords or to the exact phrase; word variants or exact matches. The default limits for Advanced Search are the same limits used for Quick Search.

Search in all fields
Finds keywords from title, creator, date, subject, and note fields.

Search in creator/author/name fields
Finds personal and corporate names responsible for the creation of an image, including artists, engravers and photographers. Also finds names responsible for the original sources of the images.

Search in title fields
Finds keywords from image, source and folder titles.

Search in subject fields
Finds keywords in the subject fields of images.

Search in source code field
Finds a unique code for a source in which the image was originally published, or a donation of images.

Search in image id field
Finds the unique number assigned to each image.

Match all of these words
Same as the boolean "and" search. Finds items which contain all of the keywords.

Match any of these words
Same as the boolean "or" search. Finds items which contain at least one of the keywords.

Match this exact phrase
Finds items which contain the keywords in the exact order as entered in the text box.

Include word variants
Finds the exact word plus spelling variations and plurals. For instance a search for "man hat" will also return items which contain "men" and "hats."

Match words exactly
Finds items which contain the exact words as entered in the text box.