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What are Webquests?

Webquests are activities that allow a reasearcher to learn about a topic by asking and answering questions and by performing research using print and electronic resources. A webquest puts the researcher in a particular role. While in that role the researcher follows a series of steps and uses specific resources to answer questions on the topic under investigation. At the end of the webquest the researcher will have produced a specific product in order to achieve a specific outcome. To learn more about the webquest format visit The WebQuest Page.

The Picture Collection Online Webquests

The Picture Collection Online webquests were created so that teachers would have a chance to learn how to use the website in their classroom. The webquests were developed for teachers to complete on their own. However, once a teacher completes one, or all of the webquests, she should be able to integrate the activities inter her classroom to help students use The Picture Collection Online successfully.

Each of the webquests on this site is divied into 5 sections. Each section provides information on what needs to be accomplished in order to successfully complete the webquest. Within each of the webquests are links to either the main page of The Picture Collection Online and/or to specific sections of the site. Also linked within each webquest are activity sheets to use in order to take notes during the webquest research process. These activity sheets are in .pdf format and are to be printed out. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader, the software needed to view the activity sheets, is avaiable at