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Title: Giraffe preparing to lie down.
Image ID: 822752
Image ID 822752
Physical Description: 1 print : b&w ; 15 x 17 cm. (6 x 6 1/2 in.)
Material Type: Prints
Subjects: Giraffes
Periodical Illustrations
Notes: Printed on border: "It must be confessed that the attitudes of the giraffe are not always graceful; for instance, when she gallops her hind feet project beyond the fore feet, in consequence of the great slope of her back; and when she puts her head to the ground she is obliged to widen the distance between her fore feet in a very awkward manner. She looks best when upright and walking gently along, when she carries herself with much stateliness and grace." Written on border: "Nov. 3, 1832" Includes additional text.
Date Published: 1832
Barcode Number: 33333159394952
Struc ID: 595919
Source: Penny magazine.   View All images from Source
In Folder: Animals -- giraffe   View All images from Folder

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