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Each image in the Picture Collection Online is searchable by keywords using Quick Search or Advanced Search. The keywords are from title, creator, date, subject, and note fields taken from the descriptive details for the images and also from related folder and source records. Here are a few keyword examples:

  1. Subjects: animals, army, birds, bridges, buildings, clothing, costume, insects, monuments, pioneer life, slavery
  2. Classes and groups of persons: children, men, women, aged persons, crowds, pedestrians
  3. Names of ethnic, racial, regional and national groups: African Americans, Indians of North America, Cherokee Indians, French
  4. Place and site names: New York City, Paris, England, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn Bridge
  5. Dates and periods: 1850, 1860-1869 (by decade)

For a complete overview of the types of images to search, try a Browse of Folder Titles, an alphabetical list of the original Picture Collection subjects. Also, try a Browse of Subjects, which contains terms from Thesaurus for Graphic Materials and Library of Congress Subject Headings. Read more about Browse Help.