Early Maps (1660-1850) of the Middle Atlantic Seaboard

The Research Libraries of The New York Public Library will digitize and make broadly available on its website, a collection of antiquarian maps and atlases, 1660-1850 of the United States Middle-Atlantic region. With support from the National Endowment of the Humanities, this two year grant (2000-2002) will catalog, perform conservation work on some of the maps, and digitize approximately 1,190 sheet maps and 150 maps contained in atlases.

During the nearly two centuries in which these maps were created, the North American continent witnessed an intense period of exploration, followed by colonial settlement, the struggle to found a new republic, and final westward expansion. These maps and atlases form an important visual record of this historically complex period for the Mid-Atlantic region.

"An Accurate Map of the British Empire in Nth America as settled by the Preliminaries in 1762"
From: Gentlemens Magazine
London, 1762
Slaughter 513

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