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Vaudeville grew out of the popular minstrel shows of the mid-nineteenth century. The combination of comic and acrobatic acts, musical numbers, animals, and magicians was often enlivened by lines of beautiful girls . Early vaudeville shows ran continuously, but soon a two shows a day pattern was established. Touring acts were booked by powerful managers, and the vaudeville circuit soon extended across the country. In its lower class counterpart, burlesque, the jokes were bawdier, the girls more prominent, and the audiences male.  
San Antonio's Siamese Twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton, poster [graphic] [between 1920 and 1935]
1 poster : col. ; 107 x 70 cm., on paper backing, 108 x 71 cm.
Image ID: WWM995/G98F811/G98F811

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