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Using the MrSid Browser Plug-in

To view an image at greater detail with the "pan & zoom" link, the free MrSID viewer software, available from LizardTech, Inc., must first be installed on your computer. Review the download choices on the MrSid download site to determine the appropriate plug-in for your computer's operating system.

Images can also be enlarged (in JPG format) without the MrSID viewer plug-in by clicking "View Enlarged Image" from the image detail page.

The optional Mr SID plug-in software is provided by LizardTech, and the New York Public Library makes no further warranty regarding its use.

  • Mr. Sid viewer tips:

  •  Zoom in (magnify image). Click the "+" symbol to enlarge a section of an image by zooming in.

     Zoom out. Click the "-" symbol in order to see a larger portion of an image by zooming out.

     Move (pan image). Click the "hand" symbol to move an image in the Sid viewer

     Return to original size (home). click the "home" symbol to return to the default image view

  • Additional options for the Sid viewer, like "continuous zoom" and "view full screen," may be accessed by using the "right-click" button on your mouse.
  • You can also enlarge an image by using the controller bar at the top of the MrSid window while viewing with the plug-in.