viewing tips

Viewing Tips

Viewing Images
You need no special viewers to view most photographs in Small-Town America collections. Your Internet browser automatically shows images presented in .gif (Graphics Interchange Format) and .jpg or .jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts' Group) formats.

Opening Images in a New Window
From the Full Color and Enlargement views, you may choose to click on Open Image in New Window to view the images outside of the frames. To close the window, click on the X icon in the top right corner of your browser window.

Viewing Images in 3D
Images may be viewed in 3D on your screen using a special viewer. Viewers are available through a number of vendors. You may also print images from the full color view and view the printout in 3D using the special viewer.

Hand-held viewers that allow you to see stereoscopic cards in 3D online can be ordered from the San Diego Historical Society for $3.00.

Printing Images
Images may be printed using the Print option on your browser menu. If you are viewing images in frames, please select the frame you wish to print by clicking on or in that frame, then hit print.

For convenience, you may also Open Image in New Window from the Full Color and Enlargement views and print from there.

Saving Images to Lightbox
The lightbox allows you to collect a group of images. Images are currently saved to lightbox only for the duration of your session online. You will see an image number and a title for each of the images you have selected. The image number is the unique ID that will let you order a reproduction of the image later, if you choose.

To view images saved in the lightbox, click on View. From here, you may view enlargements, full color view, or thumbnails. You may return to Small-Town America to search or browse at any time and these items will be saved while you are online.